Salgado shoots digital

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Re: Salgado shoots digital

Thank you. The topic is interesting.

Forte Films? Correct me if I am wrong: Forte was, a long time ago, the Hungarian subsidiary of Kodak. They changed their name to Forte when Hungary became communist. They ventured on quite well after the fall of the iron curtain, but now, due to the shrinking analogue market, they closed their doors (a pity). So, there is no new Forte material anymore. And this may be Salgado's reason: Oh yes, you can get old fashioned films, but by rather exotic purveyors. Being Salgado, he must rely "blindly" on his films. He has no time to test new materials all the time, being busy with his enormous projects. Just an attempt of explanation. Because I neither think that he lied (why should he, he doesn't need to) nor an inapt photographer. It is no shame at all to admit: I prefer the convenience of digital. I see no reason why he shouldn't have told so if this was his reason.

I happened to see his new exposition "In Principio" on coffee today. Fantastic, of course. And if it wasn't analogue, the imitation was perfect (we all now to what lenghts Alien Skin Exposure or Nik Silver Efex can go when it comes to imitation).

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