Salgado shoots digital

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Re: Salgado shoots digital

He was using 35mm and 6x7…..I don’t think he was contact printing much from that. A 35mm contact print isn’t much to look at

Now, I can guarantee he isn’t contact printing from a digital camera.

Yes, Tri-X is thinner, but films like Ilford HP5 is still better….in my opinion. I stocked up on a bunch of Fortepan 400 that is a high silver content. Very rich, retro film. The tonality is superb. Check out some of the emulsions available at Freestyle Photo. You’ll find many silver rich, old style films available there.

Certainly a Magnum photographer should be able to find these films as easy as the rest of us. I don’t question his desire to turn to digital capture. I’ve been using an old Canon 10D and a new Pentax K20D in conjunction with Silver Efex to obtain a nice, retro B&W film look. However, the excuse that films now don’t have the tonality he wants doesn’t hold up to scrutiny. Based upon what I see from his work in the 70’s and 80’s, there is nothing in the films available now that would preclude him from obtaining the same results. Blaming new film doesn’t hold water….the real reason is he wants the convenience of shooting digitally. Considering the current digital technology can mimic B&W films in 35mm format very well….he should simply state that is the main reason he’s switched.

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