R1800 IR CIS has red ink drops

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I'm still working on the Gen2 inks. Unfortunately, I'm out of town so it willbe awhile.

As far as the original inks I was able to get pretty good b&w with Ilford Pearl paper and the PrintFix Pro (Same spectro). The first profile gave a slight magenta cast that I was able to fix with the sliders and generating a new profile. I would check the b&w with the spectro because I found that I could not trust my eyes (or anybody elses either). It's good for home use; don't know about commercial.

I did not notice any banding or shifts in either color or b&w. The R1800 is probably not a good commercial b&w printer since it only has one black ink so the grays have to be produced from the other inks.

If you have trouble with banding you might try the colorvision forum. The colorvision guys (Miller and Tobie) watch that forum closely and are helpful.

Bob Schoner

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