Compare Leica Dlux 4, Canon G10, Panasonic DMC Lx3, Nikon P6000

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Re: Compare Leica Dlux 4, Canon G10, Panasonic DMC Lx3, Nikon P6000

Of the cameras you mentioned I tested the Canon, Nikon and Panasonic at Photokina. I didn't bother with the Leica since it is very similar to the Panasonic.

The image quality of the Nikon was terrible and the Panasonic was very poor (unless you enjoy a lack of detail in your pictures).

See the information in this thread here for more on the Nikon:

While the Canon G10 had a good UI and the AF was responsive and accurate we were not allowed to use our own cards in the camera so I couldn't remove the images for later analysis. If the image quality isn't up to snuff then I will have to look elsewhere.

It seems that there are a few other suggestions in this forum that may be suitable for you.

DuffyDawg wrote:

I like taking pictures and am in the market for a new camera. I
owned a Pentax Spomatic for many years and recently a Nikon Coolpix
880. Don't want to carry a 35mm anymore and enjoyed the size of the
Coolpix 880. So my requirements include:
1. Wide angle lens
2. Hot shoe
3. Able to fit into my pocket.
4. Not sure about the limited zoom in the Leica/Panasonic but like
the brighter lens. I could use another camera for the zoomed in
None of these cameras are available to check out locally and I'd like
to have opinions on which camera would be most usefull and durable.

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