Compare Leica Dlux 4, Canon G10, Panasonic DMC Lx3, Nikon P6000

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Re: LX3 is the winner.

George Lechter wrote:

The LX3 is a fantastic camera. Super bright f2.0 aperture works
great, even better than the Fuji F31D. Focuses fast and is sharp.

Both the Nikon P6000 and the Sigma DP1 focus very slowly.

The Canon G10 is very heavy, and very noisy in low light.

Please point us to a credible source for this information. I was at Photokina and on no day did they let us put our own cards in the camera because it was still using pre-production firmware.

I have yet to see any proper test images from the G10.

So really the LX3 is the clear winner. I don't miss the tele reach
(it has 2.5) can reach with your feet.

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