D50 going to Chart House in Weehawken, NJ - Suggestions?

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DigitalJeff Contributing Member • Posts: 609
Re: D50 going to Chart House in Weehawken, NJ - Suggestions?

Enjoy the view a please post the results.... Its a shame about a tripod.... when you do get one be sure get the best you can afford. it has been the hands down best investment I have made. unfortunately I bought 3 until i found the one I should have bought in the first place... trust me on this.

Also thanks for checking out my shots. That shot was from a night in Nova Scotia. It was raining all day and I sat in my hotel room wishing it would stop... the moment it stopped I was packed up and out the door..... it took a while of me standing there for the two girls to run across the street. But I think the wait was worth it.

bargainfrog wrote:

Hi Jeff,

Thanks for the suggestions on the rock cliff. I don't have a tripod
right now but definitely will be looking to borrow one for the night!
Nice photos on flickr by the way.. esp like this one:


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