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Re: Lazy man syndrome.....

rrcphoto wrote:

natureman wrote:

So, what you're saying is that people have to spend $2700 on a camera
to get the software that will develop its' raw files and then HOPE
the image quality is worth a damn? Or, they could wait for other
suckers to do that and then look at their results if or when they
post them somewhere on the internet?

Seems to me there must be a better way, and that Canon (or any
company selling a new camera) could easily find a way to show the
results or potential results, in a thorough way, from their new
cameras BEFORE people buy them.

actually I'm confident enough on my own skills not to need another
photographer or examples of how I can use a particular piece of gear.
I'll read real analysis - such as DR response over ISO from dpreview
when they get out the review which gives me a good idea on the
limitations - and then the rest is up to me and I'll do my own
analysis based upon my output media requirements and workflow. no
one can do that for me - but me.

of course, going by your posting history you probably won't
comprehend the fact that the photographer and workflow processes
plays a role in the overall image quality.

In other words, you're saying you have no idea what the output of the 5DMKII will be until you read a review here, or try it yourself, yet you (and others) sure have a lot to say about how great the 5DMKII is. Oh, by the way, the guys who do the reviews and post their information, images, and opinions are "another photographer". So, back to my point, you can either wait for "another photographer" to post images/information or you can spend $2700 on a body (and the specific software) and hope that the image quality is any good.

I would think that if Canon (or any other company) believes they have a goood product, that they would do everything they can to show thorough results from that product BEFORE the product is sold to the public.

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