Compare Leica Dlux 4, Canon G10, Panasonic DMC Lx3, Nikon P6000

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Re: have a look at ricoh GX100/GX200

Yeah, I have looked long and hard at them and I really like them and their usability except for three things:

a)The lenses though good, are still not F2.0 and neither are they quite up to Leica quality.

b)The photo image quality is just not there because of noisy and generally inferior quality sensors and this goes right through the Ricoh range unfortunately. Wonderful cameras and lenses spoilt by inferior sensor incorporation.

c) The RAW conversion software is no match for the Phase One V4 that comes with the Leica D-Lux 4. (Check out the Phase One web site for details on this new software. It is very different and vastly superior to Photoshop CS4).

The other thing with the Leica is that like the Panasonic it has High definition movie mode but with 30fps which is interestingly faster even than Panasonics LX3 24fps.

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