Compare Leica Dlux 4, Canon G10, Panasonic DMC Lx3, Nikon P6000

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Re: Compare Leica Dlux 4, Canon G10, Panasonic DMC Lx3, Nikon P6000

As far as value goes, value is not all about money , it's also about other perceived things too.

By profession I am a financial modeller and a financial analyst in the Hospitality industry so numbers and value are my thing and having said that I know the following statement will surprise the forum.

I think the Leica D-Lux 4 may be the best value out of the three of them.

Forum guys can speculate all you wish but because Capture One V4 software is included with the Leica D-Lux 4 and by now you will know it really is the cutting edge of Raw file processing and a light year ahead of the New Photoshop CS4 offering, I'd reckon the extra price may be worth it just for that feature.

There is another reason to buy the Leica and that is that the JPG's are processed slightly differently and come out more like Leica "photos" than the noisy Panasonic LX1 and LX 2s. I also understand they are nicer than the LX3 results; Marginally I understand, but still better as one might expect from such a perfectionist company.

I guess resale value of the Leica is always going to be better too and one must take a long-term financial view with any gear, even if long term means only two years until a better model comes along. It's the total long term spend that one needs to look at.

I would dismiss the canon because it's not quite serious enough for me because the lens specifications of one stop less lets it down by comparison with the Lieicasonic's gorgeous lens. Limited in length I know but still gorgeous from what I have so far seen.

I'm going to central Europe during November to early January to do some work which includes a heap of photography above and below ground in the wine districts. I'll need a compact to complement the NIKON D200 gear with me so I think I'll be getting a D-Lux 4 system in Vienna. The F2 lens will be excellent for the low available light at that time of the year. Certainly different from my native Australia at that time of the year! Brrrrr. I feel cold just thinking about it.

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