Years later I'm not ready to toss my d70 for the D90 !!!

Started Sep 30, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Not really...

elendill3334 wrote:

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The D300/D70 is a very nice camera with a body and grip in the same
league. The D90 is nice, but both of those cameras (d70 and d300) are
of higher quality.

Not really. I had a D70 for about a year, and the area where my fingers touched on the grip was wearing off as it did not have the rubberized island area of grip where your fingers touch. I think I had maybe 5K shutter actuations when I sold it. Many people had BGLOD back in the day which immobilized their photography until Nikon finally admitted to an issue and allowed a free fix.

So all in all, it wasn't that great of a build quality on the D70. Much heavier and bulkier than it should have been for what it offered. The D90's specs are far beyond the D70, and yet its much lighter and less bulky. At least the D300 has somewhat of a reason to lug all that extra weight and bulk around. The D70 had/has no excuses but just plain antiquation.

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