Why does Canon not shoot DNG RAW ?

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Re: DNG is BS

Ah, welcome to the world of competing data and data exchange formats, a battle that's been going in the computer business for 30 years.

Everyone wants common data exchange formats to enable easier data transfer from one brand of technology to another. The problem is that no one can agree on what that format should be nor is there any competitive advantage for any company to adopt one "standard". The data capture gang will tell you that using their proprietary format enables them to better process images internal to the camera resulting in improved IQ, faster capture times, etc. etc. On the other hand the data processing guys (Adobe, et al) want the rest of the world to do it their way for the same reason.

PDF exists only because Adobe captured the market before anyone else cared, and gave away the software to enable people to "see" PDF documents while charging people a lot of money to be able to create them.

There is no dominate player in the market with the ability to force standards and even Adobe runs the risk of flight to other image processing solutions should they try to force you to theirs.

The computer industry has been trying to do this for 30 years with a much better organized and powerful user community, so don't expect a bunch of camera junkies to force Canon, Nikon or Adobe to change their ways.

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