EPSON R1900 Not Recognizing Ink Cartridges

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Re: EPSON R1900 Not Recognizing Ink Cartridges

Vernon, take a look at eekgeeks profile. Looks like this is her one and only post on DPReview. Besides, she is from Brooklyn where I have been many of them hold a competitive edge on attitude.

Vernon D Rainwater wrote:

eekgeek wrote:

Same exact problem here as with all other posters. My phone calls to
Epson were excruciatingly disappointing. The first tech I spoke to
was rude and condescending so I demanded to speak to his manager. She
was much better but totally vague about the problem. What was wrong,
why and how the cartridges were defective, how to avoid buying them,
if the bad batch had been tracked and if new non-defective cartridges
were produced.....etc etc. Seriously this is a huge global company, I
am pretty shocked at the incompetence. They are sending me new
cartridges "hoping that they work" (that's what she said). Really?
That's it? So this problem is unresolved and we all just have to hope
it will get fixed?

I am particularly disturbed that there was no warning, press release,
of this known problem to customers who bought these printers of which
there must be thousands. I am sending this letter to Epson directly,
- -

Many times, customer service and/or support is "attitude driven" and
I am discussing the attitude of the caller/consumer. Usually there
is better overall results when we are polite and NOT so overly
demanding (or rude) when we place our calls to any Company's support
I have 4 Epson Photo printers and 2 Epson Scanners and I have had
only minor problems and/or inquired which were handled properly (and
politely) by the support personnel.
Suggest you communicate with the OP of this thread and ask how (what
approach) was used when making the call for support. Regardless of
the approach, being knowledgeable and explain the issue in a
congenial manner will usually get better results. If we don't use
such approach and illustrate that basically what we want to do is
"raise he!!" then we deserve the same treatment and with little to NO
favorable results....

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