Vincent Laforet's 5D Mark II stills are up

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Re: Well, I wanted to be impressed

woffles wrote:

but I don't see a sharp shot in the bunch. Is it the processing,
focus, or just his technique that is off? Or is it because this is
still a beta version of the camera? I would assume JPEGs would have
some in camera sharpening? What does everyone else think?

I think everyone here who thinks these shots are disappointingly soft is forgetting to do the math.

The more pixels in the picture, the larger the image is when viewed at 100%. I just did some measurements, and on my screen, these pics are about five-and-a-half feet by three-and-two-thirds feet. At that magnification, virtually any lens will look soft, and Laforet states that most of the vid was shot at f2.

This is why pixelpeeking leads only to madness...

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