Photokina, missing news?

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Tom K.
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You must have fantastic reflexes

ZoetMB wrote:

Until they get rid of the lag in video, I still want that mirror to
show me what's coming through that lens. And that's aside from the
issue that an EVF usually doesn't have accurate color, contrast or

Yup, that lag of 1/60th of a second is going to make the difference between catching just that moment and not. Even though a person can't even blink that fast.

An EVF certainly shows a more accurate representation of an impending shot than any OVF ever could. Take a DSLR and set it to manual mode. While looking through the viewfinder, change the exposure time from 1/1000 to 1 second and tell me how much the view changes.

The Panasonic G1 is the first of a new class of cameras. The rest - ZZZZZZ.

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