RAW processing for E-510, Aperture or ACR? See for yourself!

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RAW processing for E-510, Aperture or ACR? See for yourself!

Some time back I had made a post with a mini review about Apple's aperture; after using it for a short time, I switched back to CS3 with ACR as I had some money invested there for plugins etc. and overall I just felt at home with it. But after I've started shooting RAW very regularly, I noticed that ACR really makes you work the ORFs to produce nice JPEGs, bottom line too much time lost in PP.

Recently I started using Aperture again and was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked with my E-510 ORFs and overall seemed to produce much nicer JPEGs which didn't need too much PP. I'm posting an example here of a very typical scene that I shot in RAW, but one has been developed in ACR and the other in Aperture. What I'm really trying to show here is the ease of use.....I used the 'Auto Exposure' option in both ACR and Aperture to produce the JPEGs. When I shoot casual stuff, I really find that 'Auto' does a very nice job of setting levels without need for too much PP and then export as JPEG. But many a times ACR would create some really weird JPEGs which was never the case with Aperture.

Overall, it seems to recognize scenes well and also seems to work very well with the E-510 ORFs.....see for yourself.

ACR Conversion: Notice the loss of color in skies and underexposed mids and plugged shadows.

Aperture Conversion: Skies are blown, but the main scene is well exposed and the blown skies aren't disturbing in a scene like this.

Overall, I'm yet to be disappointed with Aperture, it has some performance issues from time to time, but if you want to easily produce JPEGs without too much PP, the 'Auto Exposure' on Aperture does a far better job with the E-510 ORFs when compared to Aperture.

This is by no means a scientific review, just an observation that I felt some people may find valuable.
Raj Sarma

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