Years later I'm not ready to toss my d70 for the D90 !!!

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Years later I'm not ready to toss my d70 for the D90 !!!
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OK, I have had a chance to play with the d 90 and have some major complaints....

1. It feels cheap compared to my D70 ! Even my wifes first comment was "this feels cheap compared to the D70". Why they left the "rubber feel" off the grip is a mystery to me..HUGE dissapointment. The grip is also shallow and does not fit my hand as well as the D70.

2. My loved Nikon capture software (paid $ for this) does not work with the D90 NEF files ! What a rip off ! I assumed that the old Nikon software would open NEF files on newer cameras, but it appears I am grabbing my ankles for Nikon. They got me good and I now have to spend $ to edit nef files....

3. Windows XP is confused by NEF + jpg file transfers. Come on Nikon, make your products compatable with todays common perating systems. This is a huge blunder.

4. Battery life...Lets face it the D70 was amazing when it came to battery life. I never worried about my battery...Not bad on the D90, but nothing like the D70.

All in all I'd say the D70 was a much better camera for its time. Nikon took the newer generation of this camera downhill fast. I guess they couldnt make it too good as nobody would buy the higher end Nikon c ameras.

OK, enough bad talk. The good?

1. ISO !!! Wow, my D70 cant touch it. I am taking pictures in place4s I never could before.

2. Movies: Hey, I'll take this as a bonus. HORRIBLE hand held, but I've yet to try with a tripod....Time will tell.

3. D lighting.....I'm torn on this one. Not sure if I should keep it on in the camera or use software for D-lighting during picture edits. D lighting is great stuff, but I've got some great pics from my D70 that were better without D-lighting in the edit. For a fair comparison, I'll turn D-lighting off to compare to my D70

4. One outing with the D90 has produced amazing pictures...I am very impressed.....

Now if only I could take the innards out of my D90 and shove them into my D70 I'd be happy ! For now, I'll live with both. The D70 stays and still remains a great camera. If I could do it over again, I'd wait one more generation before buying another camera.

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