E520 + ZD 12-60 pictures from wonderfull Sardegna

Started Sep 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP Wypiwyg New Member • Posts: 8
Re: Thanks for sharing these

Yes the color is very to my liking too, sometimes it lookes more like a painting then like a photo.

I'am not sure what role the sensor is playing in producing these colors, but the contrast of this lens is definitely OK. As said, the zoom range is perfect most of the time.

Distortion is not a problem for me, but that is because i'am more interrested in the subject and composition and not reproducing exactly as it was.

I read somewhere that there is some complex distortion with this lens due to its design. But it is thanks to this complex design that is reproducing such colorfull and contrast rich pictures within this big zoomrange.

Maybe if you take pictures of faces it is something to take in consideration, but i didn't notice it.

Not keeping your camera horizontal at 12mm is probally more dissastrous for distortion then lens design

Highley reconmended this lens, also in combination with the E520: fast focussing even in low light

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