Who can help me find a great Photo community/forum

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Who can help me find a great Photo community/forum


Hope I can find the ideal photo sharing/critique/weekly contest forum community on the web by your experieces/suggestions/recommendations.

To get an idea of what I am looking for here are the characteristics of the site I currently belong to but which unfortunately seems to be about to dissappear.
Have a look and you will get an idea of what it is I am looking for.

t's a super nice site but it seems that the owner of it has lost interest or something is amiss as he has not visited the site for the last 2 weeks all of a sudden. We all hope that nothing has happened to him as we get no response to e-mails we sent to him. We are a smallish but close-knit group and the site is easy to navigate and has a nice interface. Critiques on photos are of the more substantial type not just "WOW" or "NICE SHOT"

Uploading is for free and every member gets 25mb space allotted to him/her and there is a weekly contest with 7 of the best photos then selected for voting on by the members. Best photo gets a special spot on the main page for a week.

What's also nice and very important to me is that the site does not have too many members so that one is not lost in a sea of submitted photos. Sites like photo.net are too big for my liking. Trust me I have scoured the web extensively and cant find anything similar to Bytephoto. It's my hope that someone here can point me to a smaller and lesser known site not a big mainstream site.

Ps. I believe the owner had let slip that he wants to sell the site some time ago so maybe someone here who is tech savvy enough and has an interest might want to try and contact the owner for a deal of some kind. I am not tech savvy enough myself.

Anyway I look forward to you guys helping me with some good suggestions for an alternative site with ajust as many nice features.
Thanks and regards

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