1DMkIV.....another 1.3 crop..? :-(

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1DMkIV.....another 1.3 crop..? :-(

Let me take a wild guess...

Looking back on Canon's history, they have been known for making moderate upgrades to their line of cameras..

They want to push the most expensive camera, and decide for us customers what our needs should be, regardless if what they give us works well for us or not.

Since the 5DMkII was upgraded from 12.8 to 21.1MP, added a new screen, a movie mode, 9/10ths of a second faster frame rate, a slightly faster single processor, but bogged down by the file sizes that pushes through it, which drops the RAW buffer by 3frames, and kept the same slow shutter lag, and mirror black out time,...and my guess, a heavy mirror slap much like the 5D has..

I'm guessing that we'll see another 1.3 crop camera, 15mp, so-so high noise reduction, because they'll be banking on us being thrilled about 15mp, and of course, they will want us to fork out 8K for the next "S" body which should be about 32MPs, which they will stick us with an 8K price tag, and only feature 5fps..

(I should mention that there is lots of talk regarding a revamp of the AF, & metering systems, which should also mandate a new flash unit)..

Do you think differently..?

Do you believe they will introduce a 10 fps FF 15mp body, with great high iso sensitivity w/o significant banding noise past 6400 iso?

If you disagree with me, tell me why!

Give me a reason to believe you!!


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