D90 is NOT perfect! Stop the hype!

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Re: D90 is NOT perfect! Stop the hype!

I'm coming in a little late on this but here you go. It's hard to take you seriously if you can't take better pictures than the ones you linked to. You have a really good camera, leading me to assume you're a little serious about it, and you have asked for suggestions so listen up.

1)In addition to figuring out the best settings for the camera you need to pay more attention to the LIGHT. It's photography, it's about the light. Look around before you take a shot and get what the light is about. It's as, or more, important than the cute expression on the kids face at the moment. Your shots seem to be taken with only the subject in your awareness and little sensitivity to how they were lit.

2)Get the subject larger in the frame ie. crop with the shot itself, or include a MEANINGFUL context in which the subject sits.

To be bluntly honest, you may be sincere and by no means trolling but I have always found posts asking for comments/advice and containing pretty lame photos to be irritating. And perhaps that's the underlying reason for the negative feedback you've received. You want folks on the forum to do the work that you should have already done and that a lot of us have: sit down with the camera manual and a couple of good photography books for a month and show us the best you can come up with. If there are problems there you just can't overcome it could be fun and interesting to look into them with you.

(I have more experience with a D50 than anything, if it matters...)


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