50D: I don't get it

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Re: 50D: I don't get it

padang wrote:

Those my theories:
1 - are Canon folks stupid ? I don't think so

No Canon is not stupid--far fra from it.

2 - are the crowds here not representatives of the market need ?

This forum represents the top 1% of pixel peepers, and maybe, just m,aybe 2% of camera people worldwide.

3 - is it technically possible to improve AF and noise at this price
point ?

It would be very easy; Pop the 30D sensor with the new microlenses onto a chassis with the 14-bit A/D and you would see almost 1/2 stop gain in DR.

Secondly, if people would give up on 5 fps, and accept 2 fps, then Canon could run the A/D channels at 10 MHz and gain another 1/3 stop in noise.

4 - is it possible to improve AF and noise which cannibalization of
upper models ?

If people would restrict themselves to L lenses, the AF problems would be significantly diminushed. But this ain't gonna happen.

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