S100FS Teleconverter Lens???

Started Sep 25, 2008 | Discussions thread
Geoff Winterman Contributing Member • Posts: 577
Re: What about a 67mm Telecon?

eventaudio wrote:

Does anyone know whether a good quality Teleconverter exists
(non-ebay rubbish), that DOESN'T need a step down from 67mm to 55mm
to fit on the S100fs, > Cheers

The fact that the teleconverter needs a step down ring does not really matter. My Olympus B300 1.7 has a 55mm thread, but still works perfectly on the 67mm S100FS, with no vignetting, as I am ALWAYS using it at the top end of my camera zoom. I have had it for nearly ten years and it has worked perfectly with my old Olympus 2000z (that needed a step-up ring), through my earlier Fuji cameras to my S100FS each with an appropriate step-down ring.

Never any problems at all - the stepping ring remains attached to the lens so I just pop the lens on when needed. The only issue is the weight of the lens with the later Fuji cameras is that the lens fits to the end of of the camera's extending lens assembly, and so might stress the mechanism if not handled with great care. I actually made a support for when I used the lens and camera on a tripod.

With the earlier S602 and the Olympus it was attached to a sleeve that screwed into the camera body.

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