Capture NX 2 - can't install or uninstall!

Started Sep 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
Howard Moftich Veteran Member • Posts: 8,608
Re: Owen...

sorry but you somehow expect Nikon to have gotten advance copy of 10.5.5 patch and have the 2.1 tested, certified for use, bundled and distributed in a few days?

Let's look at what the just announced final CS4 is certified for:

Mac OS X v10.4.11–10.5.4

there is always a time lag between an OS release and a 3rd party app release and Nikon is not lightning quick w/ their software in any event.

How long did it take Apple to fix the CS3 files on a network drive problem in 10.5.3? Something like 2 months as I recall.

What you could do is go into Activity Monitor when the Installer is running and Inspect/Sample the process and see if you can glean any information about what files it has open, etc.

As I think I said earlier, on my system NX2 2.1 runs & installed just fine on my 10.5.5 system although I forget offhand which I installed first (never, ever be the first one on the block to load a big sw update).

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