5DII V's D700 Comparison available yet?

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Re: here's the actual result:

the point I was making (albeit in a slightly round-about way) was that people are unlikely to jump straight into DSLR ownership at the D700/5DmkII level so your investment in lenses likely makes the decision for you

and that they are both very good cameras!

DSPographer wrote:

mdg wrote:

Canon 5DmkII vs. Nikon D700

Japan vs. Japan
35mm FF CMOS sensor vs. 35mm FF CMOS sensor
highly capable camera vs. highly capable camera
can use your substantial investment in Canon lenses vs. can use you
substantial investment in Nikon lenses

I think the choice is clear...

At low ISO with appropriate technique:
The 5DII has more resolution than the D700, nice for heavy cropping
or giant prints.
When things are happening quickly:
The D700 autofocus, frame rate and blackout time etc. are better than
the 5DII.

A 5DII user will be able to scoff at the D700 photographer as he uses
his "amateur" pop up flash for a bit of fill or to command his remote
SB-800 guns.

Finally of course of the two only the 5DII shoots video.

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