5DII V's D700 Comparison available yet?

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Re: UTTER Utter nonsense!


What an embarrassing thread for some of you.

One poor fellow is saying that the 70-200 has problems on a D700. If you actually owned one you'd know that these problems aren't bothering anyone who actually makes money with the lens. In fact I posted edge crops from mine to show how dumb the whole thing is. It's actually BETTER on the D700 than on my D300.

As for the 24-70 from Nikon, it's insanely sharp wide open everywhere....

And so is the Canon version. NONE OF YOU could tell which camera/lens system took which picture if your LIVES depended on it! The silly tests with 100% crops have NOTHING to do with photography.

If you need the Nikon 51 point AF and faster FPS, buy it. If you need the Canon 24 MP and video, buy it. They are BOTH fantastic cameras that have specific merits. Anyone shooting sports knows which to buy and anyone doing landscapes also knows which to buy.

How is it that some of you can't accept or live with this? Image quality is no longer an issue, folks. And most lenses are so good that even consumer glass can produce 100% pro results in skilled hands. Choose your favorite features, buy a DSLR and take some nice pics that your friends/clients will like!

D700 with 70-200

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