5DII V's D700 Comparison available yet?

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rubbish, you didn't compare the cameras

TheVoIP wrote:

5D mark II vs D700

21MP vs 12MP
HD Video vs no Video

The above is your camera comparison, below is a lens comparison between brands.

Better weather resistance vs refer to have built-in flash

I doubt the 5D2 has better weather resistance than the d700. The 5D2 will only do light rain for about 10 minutes per Chuck Westfall - not the 3mm in 10 minutes that DPR states.

Can use 85L vs cannot (Nikon version is inferior)
Can use 200 f2 IS vs cannot (Nikon version is never as sharp)
Canon 24-70 L perform much better than Nikon equivalents
All canon 70-200 L perform much better than Nikon at FF of course.
100-400L IS L is much better than 80-400 VR
35 f1.4 bokeh is much better than thier 35 f2

So far I can only see one thing that the Nikon beat Canon, thier
excellent 14-24 super wide angle... But this lense can be used on
Canon via adapter.

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