OT - Are Canon cameras user friendly?

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Re: well with all due respect

Aaron@Utah wrote:

your expecting a non photographer to know the camera as well as you
or I would
I wouldn't expect a chef to know what or how to change a spark plug
or change the oil

That's almost as funny as the photo. I'd think the viewfinder would be pretty self revealing, but hey, I get what you're saying. However, this guy is much older than the modern DSLR so I'm sure he's had to look through a viewfinder at least once in his life. I know nothing about mechanics, but I most certainly do know that I should at least start under the hood to check the oil before taking it in for a change.

but still kinda funny in a quite hush hush kinda way
you know I don't like to mess with karma it usually hit back harder
than it is hit

too true. However, it's just a photograph, and a humourous one at that. I still don't want him running my country though.

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