Given these choices for my D40, which would you buy?

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gobias Forum Member • Posts: 57
Re: Given these choices for my D40, which would you buy?

I have the tamron 17-50 and it's been great for me. Fairly sharp at 2.8 and very sharp at f/4. It's a great travel/hiking 2.8 zoom since it's so light. I've heard some good things about the sigma also but haven't tried it so I can't comment. I will say that I was using the screwdrive AF version of the Tammy which focuses great on my d80/d90. I'm guessing you're considering the IF version; I don't know if it's true but I've read that the AF is slower than the screwdrive version. I'd recommend going to a store and trying em both out.

I'd go for the 2.8 zoom over the primes initially for the versatility unless you have a very specific use in mind where you know you'd use that prime a lot. The very fast apertures (1.4) might not be as useful as you think due to the very thin depth of field, especially on the 50mm's.

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