Anyone care to critique a photo book?

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Re: Anyone care to critique a photo book?

I was going for consistency, but I agree they seem odd on those tall
shots. Would it be ok to lose them on the partial bleed shots, and
keep them elsewhere?

Consistency is a good thing - and it is what lets down so many amateur publications. For a serious piece like this it is imperative that the viewer isn't being bombarded with changing standards from start to finish. For a more avant garde publication, then anything goes - consistency could well be seen as a weakness!

The way is see these things is that black keylines for shots which bleed simply look wrong. It almost as if the page itself would need a black border for them to work, but even then I still think they would look wrong. Strangely, the pano shots which bleed on either end could work either way, a black line top and bottom is acceptable.

Your house style for this publication would be perfectly alright to say that the bleeding images should not have keylines, but all others should (if you pardon my French).

Regarding wit in captions - yup, unfunny funny things simply aren't funny, unless you go so overboard that they start to become funny for the wrong reasons... and there's nothing worse than people laughing for the wrong reasons!

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