Do all Nikon full frame sensor have faults?

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Do all Nikon full frame sensor have faults?

Hi everyone,

I got my first D700 just under 2 weeks ago and the first night I was using it (taking photos of the cat) I noticed from ISO800 and up there was a white dot on the bottom 1/3rd of the images. I returned it and got a replacement last week. It was a lot better but I didnt have time to test it before heading out to shoot in a club where I found out it had a red hot pixel in the middle of the image apparent at ISO1600 and above - so I've got a red dot embedded in my 400 nightclub JPGs to fix.

See :

I returned this one and today received my third D700. I checked the serial on this one and its about 70,000 over the number of the last one (didnt think to write down the first serial number as I thought it was a fluke). This latest delivery shows a faint red dot at ISO1600 which becomes very apparent at 3200 :

Thats a crop from the top left, at least its not in the middle of the shot.

So what should I do, am I expecting too much from the camera? I've come from a background of Fuji's with the S2 and S3 doing me well until now. ISO1600 from the Fuji S3 was blocky but it didnt have this type of problem.

Can some you guys with D700's / D3's take a couple of test shots for me and see what yours look like. The shots in the club were around 1/30 f/2.8 at ISO1600 and ISO3200 (roughly) and the crop from the new one is 4" at f/22 ISO3200 - I took another test shot at 1/30 and the red dot was just as bright.

What do you guys think I should do, should I return this one again in the hope the next one comes with no sensor anomolies at all or should I bite my lip and just expect this dot on every image from ISO1600 and upward.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the rant.


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