5DII V's D700 Comparison available yet?

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It might help to be objective in your assessment

...you forgot (5DmkII vs D700):

3.8fps vs 5-8fps (with grip) - huge let-down if shooting dynamic subjects 3 year old mid-range 9-point AF vs. near pro-level 51-point AF
need additional expensive controller vs. in-built remote flash control no on-demand gridlines vs. included

Canon 24-70, 70-200, 100-400 are actually on-par with nikon equivalents, not unequivocally superior as suggested Lame direct print button vs. many more CFn's & programmable buttons

etc... i'm sure they will both be great cams for their intended markets: studio/wedding vs. all-round. the question is, what type of shooting do you do.

TheVoIP wrote:

5D mark II vs D700

21MP vs 12MP
HD Video vs no Video
Better weather resistance vs refer to have built-in flash
Can use 85L vs cannot (Nikon version is inferior)
Can use 200 f2 IS vs cannot (Nikon version is never as sharp)
Canon 24-70 L perform much better than Nikon equivalents
All canon 70-200 L perform much better than Nikon at FF of course.
100-400L IS L is much better than 80-400 VR
35 f1.4 bokeh is much better than thier 35 f2

So far I can only see one thing that the Nikon beat Canon, thier
excellent 14-24 super wide angle... But this lense can be used on
Canon via adapter.

So far these are the points of my concerns...

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