5DII V's D700 Comparison available yet?

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Re: Here is the result

plus Nikon wonderful handling of colors,it's unique,Canon(with it's plastic look) can never touch their feet...am a canon 20D 40D user ..will switch soon,got a D300 to test and don't want to look back....and am not a troll here is th proof http://www.flickr.com/photos/7645949@N08/

tsxy wrote:

Flash sync 1/200s vs 1/320s
FPS 3.9 fps max vs 5 fps 8 fps max with battery pack
Buffer 13 RAW vs 17-23 RAW (depending on compression)

+!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FOCUS!!!!! 9pt(Consumer level) vs Nikon 51 point
AF(pro level)

If canon were to fix the flash sync and af on 5D MK II, i'd be really

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