New 17-55IS questions and samples

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Re: New 17-55IS questions and samples

I really liked the last photo .. it captures the Manhattan spirit very well.

As for the church photo, you can safely go down to a tenth of a second at the wide end with IS, and still get sharp photos with the 17-55 lens. One tip for shooting static scenes at low shutter speeds handheld is to use the two-second timer mode. You can also work on your pose and breathing technique. It'll improve with practice and also once you get used to the handling of your new camera / lens combination. You may also use any available support as a makeshift tripod - for example a bench or a window sill.

Having said that, I would much rather have noisy images than blurry ones. All Canon DSLRs have very good high iso performance, and you can reduce the noise further in postprocessing. But there is nothing you can do to recover a blurry image - either because of shake or wrong focus. If you have sufficient time, try both - higher iso at faster shutter speed and lower iso at slower shutter speed. You can choose which one you want to keep later on. If you don't have time, definitely go for the faster shutter speed (higher iso) to be on the safer side.

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