Want switch do Nikon - please help me with some advice

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Want switch do Nikon - please help me with some advice

Hello, my name is Blazko and i used Canon since my first shot

At the moment i have an old canon 10d with a 16-35L lens and one flash (ex550)- witch is not much, but was always enough.

Since canon annouced his new 5DmII and i really got disappointed with it's more video innovations than photographic ones i started considering a switch to you folks.

One thing is sure - i totally love wide angles - for everything - not just landscapes and i want to go full frame.

I'm not sure about those 21MP in the new canon, and honestly i really don't like it (low performance in ultra-wide bla bla bla), on the other hand an ultra fast shutter - comparing to canons 3,9 isn't something i can't live without, but those AF points seem important to me.

Today i placed my hands on a d700 and actually liked how it feels- too many buttons at first, but hey... learning is fun, right?

Maybe tommorow i get back to the store and ask those folks to mount a 12-24 lens to it (which i'd consider buying if the switch happens).

Please tell me... is there anything i should know about the new nikon? Are there any mayor or even minor cons i should be aware of?

Is it true that nikkor wide lenses are far more better done than canons? What the about flashlights? Will a sd900 perform like my old 550ex?

Honestly i'm a bit afraid of all those little new things i might see when buying a totally new system. Also you should know, that spending, what the market demand is for a set of d700+12-24+sd900 will be an issue, so i could be very painful if some serious and not pleasant surprise will pop up.

Ok...nothing else come to my mind. Did any of you recently switched from canon to d700? what do you think?

Thanks for your help!

Greets from Poland


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