Photoshop CS4 upgrade Pricing Policy -UNFAIR

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Scraw The Loyal Customer Syndrome.

2004 : I started by getting Dreamweaver (pre-Adobe). $347.50

2004 : I then needed Photoshop and Indesign, so I got CS Standard (Boxed, from a discount web store). $889.95

2005: Upgrade CS Standard to CS2 Standard : $399

2007 : The only way I could upgrade Dreamweaver was to Upgrade CS2 Standard to CS3 Design Premium (Boxed, from the same discount web store). $571.25

(I didn't need Photoshop Extended, Illustrator or Flash -- This was the cheapest package with Photoshop, Indesign, Dreamweaver and Acrobat Pro)

This discounted price was valid if you owned Dreamweaver OR CS2 ... but I got no credit for owning both.

I think that the online price last year for upgrading CS2 Design Premium to CS3 was around $200 (or maybe that was Photoshop only).

So far I've had Adobe products for 5 years and it has cost me $2208 .. or $442 a year.

This year .. for no obvious advantage .. the upgrade price from CS3 Design Premium to CS4 is ... drum roll ... !!! $599 !!!

And they (temporarily) offer the same price for an upgrade from Dreamweaver MX !!!!!!!

And once you've bought into a suite there's no way to upgrade individual components.

I'm not even sure you can install an individual component on a computer that has a suite installed!

I think that their strategy is to try to get lapsed customers back into the fold. As for loyal customers : "Gee ... you keep renewing, so we obviously aren't charging enough!"

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