What is the best position to store lens?

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Re: What is the best position to store lens?

I don't think it makes much difference which way they are stored. I have carried my lenses both ways for over 40 years, with no damage. The only time I had a lens damaged was when I dropped one on a concrete floor at the U.S. mint in Philadelphia. But that was my fault. (Boy, did my wife give me a bad time about that one).

Remember, they are shipped all over the world from Japan, or wherever they are made. They sit in boxes, stacked in all kinds of positions, placed on pallets, unloaded with fork lifts, driven in trucks, delivered by UPS drivers, and dropped on your front porch. And they always seem to come out O.K.

If you know anyone who works for UPS, USPS, or any other delivery service, ask them what really happens to packages behind the scenes.

I think as long as you keep it in a padded compartment in your camera bag, it will be fine. Just watch out for those concrete floors.


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