Capture NX 2 - can't install or uninstall!

Started Sep 24, 2008 | Discussions thread
OP owenb Contributing Member • Posts: 944
Re: Ignore PC fanboys...

Yeah I'm on 10.5... Thing is I just tried to uninstall NX2 from my Tiger-based (10.4.11) Powerbook, as an experiment, and I've got the same problem with the Uninstaller. Haven't tried the update or installer on it, in case it's creating another problem of it's own.

miancu wrote:
... they live in ignorance.

So, it seems that the 2.1 update requires Mac OSX up to 10.5.4
Maybe this is the problem. Don't forget 10.5.5 introduced several
important updates to the system.



owenb wrote:

That's hilarious.

Any actual help or suggestions, anyone?

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