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well the issue what not going FF would cause and cost

instead .. Well way back when Canon introduce the 5D, it was priced just as todays Mk.II , there were many saying that it will not carve enough to made it viable. Well Canon sell enough 5D alright.

Taking only the past performance inmarket is not going to tell how the market might always goes. And with FF DSLR that can be very wrong as there simply do not exist a market where people can choose different FF ( together with their APS-C counterpart in the same system ) and most of all while absolute price is the same, the real retail value is seen driven down.

For Pentax, the question would be can they still maintain that market share when nothing really forward looking from the Mfr come forth and no FF. By the time the Mfr can had something that is in line with competition, many potential new customer would had already gone to the other system already. FF might not be on their agenda, but having the FF in the lineup is very much a reason ..

And let us examine what Pentax had to offer as of now, the K20D, the K200D, and the K-m. And let;s not forget Pentax is not great in their camera side of performance either ... their lens lineup is limited somewhat , and stocking can be a challenge for potenetial customers. Even as a long time Pentax user, I would had a hard time convincing myself to seriously go with Pentax instead of Nikon, or Canon, and to a lesser extent Sony.

It might be a safe way to do business,b but the safe way might also turn out to be the swan song too ( Leica be having that for the last decade or so )

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