D300 or canon 5d

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Gus McCrae Forum Member • Posts: 70
Re: Huh? (huh is RIGHT!)

brightcolours wrote:

Transitional weather, not RAIN. With RAIN you are inside waiting till
it gives a little.

You need get out and live a little. You will find the rain on your face feels nice.

Like I said, a weather gimmick. When you really would need it (in
heavy showers and in sand/dust storms) you will find that it is YOU
that is not weather proof.

You have lived way to pampered of a life. I am way more weather proof than any camera (Including the Oly E-3) You haven't spent much time in the extreme outdoors have you.

Anyway, you don't make a lot of sense. I have seen an Oly E-1 take a quick swim in a stream and it still worked. Gimmick?? I think not.

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