50D - first impressions (quite interesting, I think)

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40d vs 50d iso1600 samples

Andre Oliveira wrote:

My impression is that, under the same lightning condition, the EOS
40D has better noise performance. Would like to see a side by side

You may be right, but if so we're talking pixel level. I was leaning towards that conclusion yesterday, but today I'm not so shure about that. Meaning I think the noise is on par, leaving the 50d with the advantage of 50% more mp.

Sorry I can't give you a proper side by side comparison.

But at least I can give you two separate images (at 100%) from the two cams. Perhaps it can give an indication, not more than that... BTW, The 40d image is favorable in terms of light.

Here you have av 40d iso1600 sample
..and here is the 50d iso 1600 sample

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