Is 20D to 5D II an upgrade?

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Re: Do you actually believe what you have written? Incorrect answer!

I'm not sure you can really say that everything in your table is correct.

The pixel size you give is actually the FOV....and if you are going to that many decimal points...the 5D sensor is not actually 1.0. It is more like 1.004184 as it is just 23.9mm vertically...only the 5DII and 1Ds models are true 1.0s @ a 24mm vertical sensor dimension. (IMO res and FOV are best measured or compared with vertical data.) Functionally there is no difference from 1.0, but you like numbers.

Your DOF comparison might need further clarification, too.

The 20D, 5DII and 1DsMKIII all have 6.4micron pixels...every report I've read so far gives the 5DII a very slight IQ edge over the 1DsMKIII. There have been a few sensor tech and processor improvements since the 20D.

I'm not sure what your game is...but you might spend less time on the calculator and more time photographing.

Graham_02 wrote:

Yes. Everything in my feature table is correct. The feature
preferences are mine and not unusual, and there are a significant
number of them where the 20D is unarguably better

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Joe Sesto

PS Someone just announced a 10MP cell phone camera module today...check out Engadget!

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