50D - first impressions (quite interesting, I think)

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But that ISO 3200 *does* look great

Vidar NM wrote:

I can't see any improvement with regards to noise at pixel level.
The ISO3200 images are not usable, banding is disappointingly an
issue here too.

I've looked at your ISO 3200 sample. With one pass through NeatImage, it looks great. Definitely good enough for print. You can't judge it at the pixel level though, because 15 million pixels is too misleading.

My own criteria for an image's usability is pixel peeping @ 6 MP. I process the files as best I could, resize to 6 MP, then pixel peep. If it stands up to pixel-peeping scrutiny at 6 MP, then I know it will be good enough for normal print sizes. And in the case of ISO 3200 on the 50D, that was definitely the case.

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