Very Highly Recommend 7i - just do it

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Very Highly Recommend 7i - just do it

I have waited and tormented over this digi cam thing for months.

Thxs to all the posting.. here on the forum, today I broke down, went to good guys.. paid way too much.. (full price and tax).. but I did it... and it is worth every cent.. tho I would like to have saved a bit of cash~!

I took the camera right from the store.. to the county fair.

(Spent an hour last nite reading over the manual I downloades, another great forum find!)

What a great testing ground.. people.. sun, indoor lighting, motion, animals, scenes.. I was like a kid in a candy store.

I uploaded 3 shots .. straight from the camera. Minolta 7i folder

Again these have not gone thru any software, and they are still awesome for being the first of 30 pictures taken from this camera!

The vipor shot was at 7p as the sun was setting, no flash and 1/20th shutter spd.

All were automode, just played with wb and manual focus today.

Took about 5 mins to get use to manual zoom, and another 5 for manual focus... from there it was a picture buffet.

Again thanks to everyone for all the good information you provide.

Now I can move on to better digital photograpy.. instead of studying the fine art of PICKING the perfect digicam


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