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Load of manure, dpreview is owned by amazon, they sell ALL cameras

Dpreview is owned by and last I checked, they sell ALL brands of camera shown on this site. Why would they talk up just Canon when there is money to be made off Nikon, Pentax, Olympus etc?

Use some sense, the 5D mark 2 is the ONLY DSLR at the moment with 1080P video mode so of course some extra commentary should be accounted for. The D700 and A900 have no such feature creating this kind of buzz.

cremasterfan wrote:

I'm sorry but I don't think I can trust dpreview anymore.

With respect to the Vincent Laforet article, why are dpreview linking
to an external website just to say how great the 5D Mark 2 is?

There are millions of websites that say how great Sony, Nikon,
Olympus are but dpreview has NEVER chosen to link to them. In fact,
when people post links to external websites they get banned. Why this
one exception? I smell money.

I hope dpreview has an answer for me.

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