Some 450D test shots.

Started Sep 21, 2008 | Discussions thread
CNY_AP Senior Member • Posts: 1,305

I have the same thing happen to me - how can the darn thing focus so FAR away from the center sensor!!! Very annoying. I assume you had the center focus sensor selected, otherwise all bets are off.

What order did you shoot them? Usually the first pic is front focused, and the second is much better. I think one of two things is the reason.

1) The camera happens to be set to focus at a much different distance (left over from the prior shot). So in the first picture, the focus mechanism has a long ways to travel and misses the correct position. In the second picture, the focus mechanism only needs to make a small correction...

2) Or, the problem is that in the first pic, the image is to out of focus for the focusing system to see exactly how much it needs to move/command the focus mechanism.

I think pre-focusing, letting go, and then focusing again might help, especially on the first shot at a new focal length.

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