****Results - Challenge 59 'Black & White' *****

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****Results - Challenge 59 'Black & White' *****

I've lost count of how many hours I've spent over the course of the weekend thinking about the judging of this Photo Challenge.

The problem strangely enough was not deciding on my 'Top 3' but rather on all the rest, particularly the group of 'Runners Up'.

The general standard was so unbelievably high that at 1.00am on Sunday when I finally went to bed I still had a group of 30 runners up in the bunch below the top 10.

Well I've slept futher on it and, by being completely ruthless, I've managed to get the 'Runners Up' group down to the relatively small nunmber of 19.

If you don't see your photo here in this group then, believe me, it may have missed the final cut by the smallest of margins.

Just a final word about selection criteria - I've gone with what my heart tells me. The top 3 got there because as soon as I saw them I thought....'Wow, I wish I'd been the photographer who produced that!'

As a general statement, apart from one or two notable exceptions I've tended to select images here where the subject grabbed my attention or perhaps the mood was brilliantly handled or the photo had an engaging simplicity or directness of vision.

A number of you failed to make the cut because your images did not include include a wide enough spread of tones - they had no 'guts' in the processing. Please read Ansel Adam on his zone system if you're not sure what I'm talking about - although it was written for film, the principles apply equally well to digital. (I'm not including in this statement those photos which went deliberately high or low key or which went for high contrast)

A number of you have offered images which look like straight forward conversions from the original colour photos and would have probably made the runners up group with better B&W processing - in a few days I intend to start a thread about B&W processing so that we can all benefit from the knowledge of some of the experts here.

As I stated in my intro to this Challenge, the photographic qualities of composition, texture, tone and subject become more important in B&W photography and it would be really interesting to look into why this is so in more detail in another thread.

So....here's the group of 'Runners Up' - the ones that didn't make it into the 'Top 10' group. They are listed in no particular order of merit.

The 'Top 10' will follow on after.


'El tomate!' by Juan - beautiful contrasts between the tomato and the wood Juan!

Against the grain by Robert Sleator - Wonderful - What a great eye for composition you have. It was real pleasure viewing this photo.

Karin - you're developing so fast as a photographer! - still using the strong vignettes I see. (The curve worked well with the curve of the wheel on this one)

'Be Careful' by Dummy. Just a quick note to say that this photo above has outsanding composition and is one of my favourites from this Challenge for that reason - well done!....do you have an on-line gallery where I can see more of your photos?

Aboriginal stockman by Jeremy. An outsanding portrait Jeremy but I'm not totally convinced about the processing. I'd welcome other people's thoughts on the processing here.

'Meeting' by Richard. Another personal favourite and one with fantastic processing. Although the lines are great it didn't quite make the 'Top 10'

Sheltering from the rain - Linda, you've made enormous strides with your photography in the last 6 months. Keep it up!


Top 10 follow next.

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