Adaptors for old lenses for the G1?

Started Sep 22, 2008 | Discussions thread
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Re: No problems

leandrod wrote:

Is there some technical limitation to prevent a third party
manufacturer from making an adaptor to connect "regular" (as opposed
to 4/3) lenses to a G1 body?

None, in fact the consortium expects it to happen. If history is any
guide, Fotodiox will have an almost full range, several Chinese will
be on sale at eBay, and the Russians will make a Dandelion chip for
the Olympus models.

Only these adaptors are usually for manual lenses only.

I hope history repeats! Thanks for the information - a couple of my lenses are old manual lenses so no loss for me here.

Any idea how long it took in the past for these adaptors to become available?

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