OMG! We have the ZD 9-18mm f4-f5.6...

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Re: But your post says,

nick_webster wrote:

"Does anyone think that the 9-18mm might be sharper and maybe less
distorted than the 11-22mm at 11mm wide open?"

That gave me the impression that you thought the lens showed a fair
bit of distortion. As I said it is one of the best UWAs out there.
There is a little but it is easy to correct, particularly if you've
got Studio, where it disappears with a mouseclick

Well now we all know that I was referring to the standard distortion that comes with all lenses. It is clear that the 11-22mm is a very well regarded lens.

I can't see a standard lens performing better than a pro level lens,
especially since it's even wider, but I suppose there's no harm in

Even though it is a dream, lenses are generally better in their midranges of e.g. aperture and focal length so 11mm on a 9-18 is pretty mid whereas on an 11-22 thats wide open so I thought they would be comparable...


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