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Re: where did you hear that?

Two Truths wrote:

Their previous design attempt (for the D2H and D2Hs) did not feature
column parallel A/D convertors & to my knowledge the only
manufacturer who has previously used that technology is Sony.

And what makes you think that Sony invented that? ; ). Those of us with long memories recall that Sony didn't want to produce an APS sensor at all, and Nikon was the one that convinced them to, actually dictating a binned design that Sony hadn't done before.

I'd be very careful about assuming that because Product X was the first (or only) product to use Technology Y, that the company that produced that product was the inventor or owner of the Technology Y IP. That's often NOT the case. You might be very surprised where some of the IP comes from that people have touted as being Company Z's. Unfortunately, I'm having to be cryptic rather than cite specific examples because the best sets of examples I can provide are all covered by consulting NDAs I've made at one time or another (one of which dates back to 1994).

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