To humbly answer why 24 fps is important in the 5D...

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Re: Framerate is not everything

dopravopat wrote:

Here in Europe we have 25 fps in our "tubes". Logically, as the grid
delivers 230 V 50 Hz. The voltage is not important now. I have never
seen a true NTSC with 30 fps on a TV, so I cannot compare to PAL 25
fps. but the colors are different, you might now I think (as with
SECAM system, that we also had).

I do not disagree with your opinion, but framrate is not all that
matters. I belive it should be selectable from 10 to 30 fps. Whatever
you like.

Now the important part - you should be able to select the shutter
speed during the recording. From 1/15 (depends on the rame rate of
course, you cannot have 30 fps with a shutter speed of 1/15) to 1/250
for example.

Another important feature would be something like a "RAW" mode for
movies - for better post-processing - set WB for example, better
dynamic range control, etc. I understand that this means lot of data
and a very, very fast processing and memory card (also a big one).
But I belive this is what the future will bring us. Hopefully.

This would push the EOS 5D MkIII (or whatever camera) out of the line
of still cameras and even above the current camcorders, not only
becouse of the lenses, like you menitoned already.

I AGREE 100%! This would be an amazing addition and make the whole package more robust for professional use.

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